The Association for Project Management (APM) is the chartered body for the project profession, an educational charity promoting professional disciplines of project management and program management in the UK.

Proud to be appointed by APM to work with them and produce a series of reports and whitepapers with the aim of improving user engagement, whilst developing a progressive design approach.

APM Projecting the Future

APM visual identity layouts

APM Dynamic Conditions

Our Approach

Working collaboratively with APM’s internal marketing team we crafted a number of reports and surveys throughout the year, pushing the boundaries of their brand guidelines to ensure we are creating attractive, engaging materials that remain recognisable of APM, delivering real value.

Each campaign often requires many different outputs consisting of print and digital versions of the reports, social media collateral and animations to support the launch.

APM Dynamic Conditions Website


Standout creative allowed APM to confidently present their findings with successful surveys and reports, boosting engagement steadily. Our collaborative approach has driven a sustainable partnership, with a team they can trust to deliver reliable, on-brand, high-quality creative.

Project You

APM Workshop

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