Embracing a brand and enhancing moments!

From summertime experiences to special moments at home, POPS is a tasty, charismatic treat with a twist. The brand has evolved over the years; however, the time had come to take a fresh approach to this unique product and develop a new design wave of packaging, proposition and position in the market. Proud to work alongside their team, we defined the POPS brand strategy with insight and workshops, informing our direction and setting the team on a creative course to create a bold identity that would be seen and heard by their target audience.

POPS Typography

POPS Popsicles


Our Approach

Getting to know an audience

Through market insight, research and quantitive surveys we were able to narrow down a core demographic to focus on an age range between 25-35 years and gain a better understanding of what resonates with an audience from both a brand and product perspective. This proved highly insightful, defined the strategy and informed our brief.

Crafting a new brand strategy

POPS and ‘fun’ go hand-in-hand. We crafted a brand mission, vision and proposition that encompasses exactly that. When interacting with POPS, it’s about embracing the moment, whether with friends, loved ones or simply enjoying some me-time, POPS is the catalyst for that moment in time and capturing memories.

POPS Stickers

POPS Brand Guidelines

A tasty visual identity

We set about crafting an identity where each flavour becomes a unique character, and each character has unique personality traits that reflect their flavour. Every time consumers taste POPS, they connect with that persona, which gives them further engagement with the brand.

Brand scale

As the product range expands with new flavours or products, we’ll continue to build the POPS family of personas. With new product development being a core focus for the POPS team, we will continue to build the suite of brands and evolve the traits of each persona and portray it through their own unique style, colour scheme and image treatment.


The new identity allows a huge scope of fun and personality. It forms stronger, more meaningful relationships between POPS and their followers, increasing brand advocacy as they enjoy every taste.