Make a Moment.

Ever tasted an alcoholic frozen dessert and thought “wow! I’ve just made a new friend here” – yeah, us neither. But then we thought, why not? POPs needed a fresh new look and a brand new narrative, one that helps the brands offering span over different occasions, audiences and moments. So, why not make each flavour its own little unique character? That’s exactly what we did.


A whole gang was formed
Each with characteristics that reflected their flavour.

We had to keep the gang in check
As much as each product grew a life of its own, there had to be rules put in place to make sure the POPs brand stayed consistent. With many new products on the horizon, this had to stay concise but also be able to flex.

POPs Guidelines POPS brand guidelines
POPs Colourways Colour Palette Image Mobile POPs

After the brand was finalised we just couldn’t stop shouting about it, and neither could the POPs team…

Pops Event
POPs Cup

Yes, we did try every flavour, and yes we are still feeling boozy right now.

With pop-up stands, launch events and taste testers, the new product range was creating a snowball effect. All we can say is, watch this space.

POPs (Billboard)

If you see the gang in Your nearest supermarket, make sure you say hi.

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside with the POPS team to give their products a new identity. The personality that’s been injected into brand is really exciting.

Amy Williams, Account Manager, Stratos

There’s something about giving a product a personality that’s quite unique. We found ourselves warming to the different characters like we were building a little family. It’s something different and we all loved being part of it.

Meg Jones, Creative Lead, Stratos

Wanna break the ice?