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POPS brand guidelines

At Stratos, we believe that each brand comes with its own unique DNA. This is what sets us apart from other agencies, and why customers choose us over competitors. We will work with you to identify that uniqueness and pour it into every corner of your creative and digital strategies. We should never limit our thinking and opportunities when it comes to branding.

Taking risks will help you develop a creative expression that builds an undeniable brand presence.

But before we get to the grand ideas, we take our time to understand your brand’s heritage, proposition, challenges, voice, and expression. We take pride in our understanding as we strengthen our grasp and immerse ourselves within your business.

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Why you do what you do.

We’re ready to move at pace, switch our thinking to gain momentum, adapt for the good of a brand, a project, and its delivery.

Whether we’re crafting a website, social media, video, marketing collateral, sales tools, or content, we have intuitive systems and software required for the safe landing of any project. We set expectations from the start and keep them. We’re a creative agency that believes in transparency, from communication to commercials, it keeps us all focused.

Whatever twists and turns a project may take, our creative thinking and agile approach will keep us on track.

The core of a business informs a brand of what it does, how it does it, and why. Every action should be taken with a purpose to provide a consistent experience and steps for an audience to understand you.



We’ll collaborate to activate your brand and make it clear, concise and relevant to those that matter the most to you. Brand architecture sets a foundation to build a communication framework with your audience, developing touchpoints that both consciously and unconsciously inform them about what you do.

Your brand’s purpose is your customers’ reason to believe. Promoted flawlessly, your target audience will embrace the brand and in turn, build credibility and advocacy.

Lean on us to support your brand and tone of voice so it can communicate on all levels and across all channels. Join us on a journey to a comprehensive brand identity that can swiftly be understood and appreciated.

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Designing with the sole purpose of not being able to be ignored, for all the right reasons.


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Using the digital world to tell a compelling story, one that will keep people coming back.


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