Make a foundation.

To be able to grow a business, you must form a solid strategic foundation. This is what Rooted is all about, embedding themselves into every client, learning deeply about their business and cultivating the perfect platform for their marketing strategy to grow. Through the narrative of ‘spreading roots’ we created a system that uses graphical blocks to build a strong interlocking pattern. One that can grow and shrink, move this way or that way, connect or disconnect – weaving itself through every design like Rooted weaves through every client.



Something strong but tangible
We loved giving roots a new meaning, evolving them from something initially natural and unpredictable, to something that held logic and brought order and understanding.

Stratos Case Study = Rooted Pattern Elements

Rooted Billboard A

Flip, rotate, twist
Using separate blocks we can interlock our roots seamlessly together and create infinite directions of on-going growth. The system is simple but timeless, allowing maximum flexibility for years to come.

Rooted Guidelines

A different feel for pharmaceutical
You’ve got to stand out to get noticed, so we leaned into our unique combination of nature and cognition. Actively avoiding what’s expected from the pharmaceutical industry and embracing what’s different.

Stratos Case Study - Rooted Homepage

What was just as important was communicating the service effectively…


It became easy to create assets such as iconography using our brand essence as a base

Making sure that information was clear, concise and easily digestible across all outputs. Using visual aids where needed, but never overcomplicating the content…


Our messaging style created a human warmth that is just as important as communicating the data

It was refreshing working on a brand and with a client who was eager to push the boundaries in a different way. we loved Creating a design system which was both fluid but logical, this was problem solving at its best.

Meg Jones, Creative Lead, Stratos

Let’s grow something good