Make a discussion.

The Open University Employers & Partnerships arm have always been advocates for creating equity within the workplace, this time, by creating an event. A live panel, three-part discussion that will inform employers how to attract, develop and empower diverse talent. The challenge here was to create a look & feel that embodied and visually represented these teachings, whilst maintaining the overarching brand essence.


OU Equity - Equity Breakdown

Pushing the brand forwards
Using a unique form combination to create a bespoke look for this event, with shapes that can help communicate what each event section was focusing on.

Equity OU (Insta Posts)
OU Equity video players mockup

Explaining equity
Equity can be difficult to understand fully, and so we felt an explainer animation was needed to really set the scene for this event. Using The OU forms as a way of informative storytelling, to help explain how equity fits in with diversity and inclusion.

Stratos - OU Equity case study

The event stand design was all about creating focus…

Elevate Equity Scamp
Stratos - OU Equity case study

It was amazing to see our designs in full effect, framing the discussions just how we wanted

Using a simple backdrop we could utilise the power of lighting to highlight both the topic and speakers, creating the perfect space to grab the audiences full attention.

Stratos - OU Equity case study