Make a LEGACY.

35 years in the making, Porter had established a strong passion for being food pioneers, taste testers and all-round curious chefs. Their mission as a food wholesaler and manufacturer was in the right place, their brand on the other hand –had to catch up. We saw that their strength was in their people, who not only wanted to inspire customers to explore new foods, but also wanted to share their years of knowledge of how to experiment with it – foodie to foodie.


From classic to curious
It was time the brand packaging matched its people.

But the brand was never just about the products…

Women making pizza
Porter Lifestyle (Boy with Pasta)

What mattered to us was creating a feeling, something we all could relate to.

It was about the joy that comes with using them. From the customers to the very team cooking up a storm in Porters kitchens. It is all about sharing memories and knowledge – one foodie to another.

Porter Foods Billboard

We had to make some rules
As much as the brand had a life of its own, a framework was needed to keep it all in check. From packaging to billboards to social and more, the brand needed to flex and have the ability to grow alongside its product range.

Porter Foods Guidelines Porter Mobile Guidelines
Porter Foods Tote Bag

Yep, we want one too.

This project was all about creating a feeling, that warmth you get when cooking something up with someone you care about. Whether that’s rekindling an old memory or creating a new one.

Meg Jones, Creative Lead, Stratos

Brusco’s passion to give quality, service, and integrity to their global customers goes to show their much more than ingredients, and this project shows that. They’re such a good partner to work with and I look forward to creating much more with them.

George Reed, Creative Designer, Stratos

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