Having celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2021 with an established team onboard, RPM Technik is arguably one of the most experienced independent Porsche specialists in the UK and have a rich passion for the German marque.

‌We’ve partnered with RPM Technik on all brand development and website refresh, helping to elevate their awareness for maintaining, selling, upgrading and restoring this iconic range of sports cars.

Porsche and RPM employee

RPM logo stitched into seat

RPM Sale or Return leaflets

Our Approach

Through a brand strategy workshop, we focussed on their mantra of ‘Engineering Exhilaration’, something that embodies not only what the RPM Technik team lives and breathes, but what Porsche itself stands for – precision engineering and empirical knowledge for the thrill of driving. An internal statement of intent ‘no excuses’ was also crafted, highlighting the fact that everything that goes through RPM Technik, whether it be a Porsche through the workshop, being restored or simply for sale, is the very best, no comprise, no corners cut.

The new wordmark needed to be distinct, yet playing homage to its heritage, so we developed a brand that contains both this and the progressive nature of the team, forward-thinkers and problem-solvers. The icon marque touches on the exhilaration element of the brand, portrayed by track curbing and sweeping corners where Porsche’s are often at their best.

RPM website on smartphones

RPM built on WordPress

Being the first port of call and primary shop window for clients, the website was redesigned, wireframed to capture an intuitive online experience, and built from the ground up by our in-house development team. We focussed on improving organic SEO through a simplified user experience, optimised copy and the latest technology. The core of the brief was for the website to live and breathe RPM Technik’s mantra, to portray the wealth of experience and ultimately, provide clients with an experience unlike any other.

RPM brand guidelines

Proud to be the brand guardians, the RPM Technik identity is bold and succinct, focussing on iconic colours from Porsche’s range – Guards Red being a primary colour, and arguably one of the most iconic colours to come out of Stuttgart for this marque. Typography uses a combination of bold styles, while statements are straight to the point, highlighting the ‘no excuses’ intent, delivering confidence and trust to clients.

RPM GT3 in London

What they say

“The Stratos team have been superb, they have opened our eyes and have exceeded our expectations. The guys are always on hand if required and always coming up with new ideas to keep things fresh. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Greig Daly, Sales Director

We’d personally like to thank the team at RPM Technik for their continued support. It’s a real pleasure working with them and the team and we look forward to continuing our relationship and evolving our businesses together moving forward.