Make waves.

DramaHE represents a diverse range of institutions offering performance arts degrees of all kinds. Their focus is to provide resources and support to help educate the next generation of performance artists; so they can go into society and make a positive impact through their craft. Using the idea of a ripple effect we’ve created a brand which is rich with layers of narrative, representing the different areas of impact each individual can make.


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Layers of impact
Each layer tells its own part of the story, from connecting with like-minded individuals, discovering new spaces within performing arts, carving your own career path and creating change within the industry.

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DramaHE isn’t just a committee, they’re a collective built on a network of widespread connections, in the UK and beyond. It’s kinda big deal.

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The brand used traditional theatre lighting to highlight individual’s, giving them a much-needed spotlight.

That’s why creating a brand that was people focused was key, we had to tap into the raw emotions that draw students, academics and those in high-education into the industry. Who are passionate about highlighting it’s importance within our society.

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Giving it life within reason
The brands mechanic enables this explosive narrative to flow whilst keeping each design within it’s own parameters. Ensuring we capture the emotion whilst maintaining recognisability.

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DramaHE (Billboard)

To create a brand which has such an important cause truly inspired us, we can’t wait to see how it evolves.

The rebrand was a bold shift for the DramaHE team, but working collaboratively we have crafted a brand with impact and something we should all be proud of.

Marc Smiddy, Creative Director, Stratos

Using the collage effect felt so right with this project, it captured the rawness and the variety you get with performing arts. The aim was to create something without limits, that could live and breathe for decades to come.

Meg Jones, Creative Lead, Stratos

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