Woodfines (Typography)

Putting people first, always
We wanted to break the mould within the legal industry, ripping away from the typical corporate tones and putting people at the forefront of everything. We did this by creating an extensive bank of charming illustrations that capture the characters of both the customers and employees.

Woodfines Illustration Breakdown

Using a diversity and inclusion conscious colour palette that could include everyone

Woodfines Guidelines (1) MJ

Breaking the mould and the ice
With such a dramatic change it was critical that we revealed the Woodfines brand to the public in the right way, this included both a print and digital launch campaign.

Woodfines (LinkedIn-3)
Woodfines (Billboard One B)

Breathing life into a website
The website has two purposes, to tell the Woodfines unique narrative but also to provide a succinct user journey that’s easy to navigate, easy to turn into converted leads and which serves the site in terms of SEO.

Woodfines (Homepage)

It was important that we maintained a certain feeling and emotion throughout

Woodfines (Office-Signage)

The brand simplicity and flexibility meant it could live happily anywhere

…a feeling of warmth, trust and reliability. Transforming the idea of seeking legal help from being stressful and overwhelming, to being reassured and looked after.

Woodfines (Billboard-Two)

This project was so rewarding in the way we could flip the script on legal services. It became more than a brand, it was challenging a very solid stereotype within the industry and we’re so proud to have worked alongside Woodfines on this.

Marc Smiddy, Creative DirectorStratos