We’re Stratos, a creative agency nestled in the centre of Milton Keynes. 

A team of creatives, strategists and experts, we’ve combined our talent to build an agency that connects and collaborates with its customers to deliver measurable results.

Collaboration being the keyword here – it’s central to our approach. Everything from our creative to our data-led digital solutions are built and designed with your team and customers in mind.

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We work with people that believe in us as much as we believe in them, combining strategic intelligence, insight and creativity. Offering full digital services that will elevate your brand both online and offline, we are here to support businesses who are deliberate in their approach too.

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We’re proud to collaborate with brands of all shapes and sizes, across various sectors.


An agency should feel like a partner: a team of individuals who seamlessly integrate and collaborate with your teams to build successful campaigns and creative, digital solutions that are concise and authentic.

We’re more than a creative agency. We’re strategic, meaningful, and deliberate.

We never assume. We are laser-focused on audiences and the people behind a conversion, which is why we take a data-based approach. Carrying out our own research and collecting data, this enables us to deliver a targeted approach. Whether you want to launch a new brand, reposition into a new market, optimise your digital presence or exceed commercial targets. If you want to pick up the phone and chat, hop on a Zoom call, or pop into our nice, cosy office nestled in the centre of Milton Keynes, the door is open.

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