We start and finish with strategy and don’t insist on a complicated or laborious process. We take our time at the start to listen and understand you and your business objectives.

Our team combines their thinking and challenge, for the right reasons, to ensure a full circumference is considered.

Our circle is a constant, once delivered we remain curious to go again. No end game or conclusions, a continuous wave of innovation, thinking and development.

Ready to join our circle?


Step 1


Stratos Step 1 - discovery

Getting to know you

Our early relationship is formed of many conversations and provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our understanding by immersing ourselves within your business and sector.

Step 2


Stratos Step 2 - Direction

Data-led decisions

Insight fuels solutions. Business objectives get the full treatment in preparation for setting the scene and direction for your brand and experience.

Step 3


Stratos Step 3 - Design

Design with purpose

Collectively we scope and introduce our team to your brand. Side-by-side, we walk the wall and together build compelling and engaging creative solutions.

Step 4


Stratos Step 4 - Delivery

Recording and reacting

Our solution-driven thinking doesn’t rest. We test, evolve and challenge to ensure no stone goes unturned.

Our clear, concise and joined-up approach.

We put you at the centre of our thinking as we deliver results through our collaborative culture. Curiosity fuels our creativity across all services and sectors.


Stratos animated circle of services