Project Overview

Profound Performance approached us with a need to improve their marketing assets, build digital engagement and drive online sales. We responded by developing a brand that delivered consistent touchpoints whether at events, on social or through eCommerce.

Profound Performance brand guidelines

Profound Performance ropes

Profound Performance sit ups

Our Approach

Working collectively as a team we constructed a brand identity that is immediately comprehensible to the desired target audience, whilst also communicating their unique blend of values to build relationships and brand advocacy.

We curated and analysed examples from across the sports performance sector to identify vital elements of brand identity, positioning and personality to design a series of brandscapes that defined the look and feel of the new brand and how it would live and breath

Profound Performance billboard

Packaging Design

Distilling the most critical packaging elements and the hierarchy of messaging that would attract consumers, influencers and stockists. These factors included an expression of energy and movement, brand differentiation and styling ties that enabled each product to stand alone while being very much part of a unified product family.

For each product, our creative team developed a unique icon that instantly expresses its status as both an individual product and a member of the Profound Performance brand. These memorable icons provide a powerful and flexible marketing asset, proven to be successful across print and digital.

Profound Performance Packaging

Profound Performance social on mobiles

Foundation for Success

The Profound Performance marketing team’s goal was to distribute the brand through multiple channels. It was crucial for future campaigns to have the support of a website with the ability to generate authority and speak to the needs of buyers from every channel.

With the visual aspects of the brand identity already prepared, we wove together the distinguishing visuals, conversion paths and persuasive copy, including compelling

testimonials from relevant influencers. Combined with the focused branding and packaging designs, the resulting website provides the Profound Performance marketing team with the rich digital platform needed to attract distributors, wholesalers and retailers from industry giants to gyms and personal trainers.

Profound Performance clothing

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