Project Overview

As a multinational conglomerate, Hitachi’s marketing team need the continual support of high-quality creative, delivered with agility and consistency across multiple channels.

We were approached after a need to find a dependable, creative partner who would deliver on brand and on time.

A key project we were tasked with was to standardise a disparate tone of voice across icons and infographics produced by the brand. The goal was to create a suite of icons and graphic elements that not only represent the forward-thinking nature of the company but to elevate their visual communication above the competition.






Hitachi Infographic

Vehicle icons

Steering wheel in a car

Our Approach

Operating in an industry that is becoming increasingly more complex and multi-faceted, it was important that infographics and iconography are tailored to highlight these nuisances.

While previously a simple car may have sufficed, advances in technology mean that, in addition to more commonly recognised variables such as capacity and terrain; consumers now have to consider the appropriate fuel types for their use case. With the importance of visually communicating as much of this information as possible at the forefront of the brief, it was clear that this could not be realised with a series of vague ‘one size fits all’ icons.

We achieved this by creating a scalable, modular design system. A series of isometric graphic elements that could be easily edited, built up and broken down to subtly communicate an array of information – from broad topics to specific details. These graphics had to be detailed enough to be visually compelling when macro but also readable when micro.

Most importantly, they had to breathe new life into a brand without compromising it’s established guidelines.

Fleet decarbonisation on a smartphone


For a project that was initiated as a response to changing demands within the industry, it follows the solution should be just as malleable. While comprehensive, the suite of graphics we have created is by no means a definitive list. It is a standardised set of rules, styles and elements that will continue to evolve with Hitachi’s communication strategy.

Hitachi infographics

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